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In November 2000, a group of capoeiristas and admirers of popular culture, began to organize in order to use the full potential of Capoeira as a tool for social inclusion and citizenship. In 2002 we started teaching Capoeira in a public school in the Cidade de Deus (City of God), but wanted to do more! So, in 2005 founded the Civil Association Capoeira Cidadã. Since December 2007, we have steady partnership with MERCK SA. We are members of Rio de Janeiro´s Network of Pontos de Cultura (Cultural Centers).

In 2009, we began to have its own headquarters, the CULTURAL CENTER CAPOEIRA CITIZEN a familiar space of development of citizenship and popular culture, highly recognized and prestigious in the community.

During these 10 years of work, with more than 1,200 students attended public schools, created a social technology, which uses Capoeira as a tool for education and social inclusion.

All activities take place in an integrated manner. In addition to the classes of Capoeira, students take classes in educational support, which uses music, texts and games from popular culture to aid in learning mathematical concepts and Portuguese. In handcraft classes, children develop and express their artistic skills, building Capoeira instruments, constructing, drawing and painting, inspired by the themes of popular culture. Every week, videos are displayed on citizenship and popular culture, assisting in the recognition process and construction of new horizons. We also have the Master Peixinho´s Library, specializing in books about Capoeira, popular culture, and various titles for children and youth.

Civil Association Capoeira Cidadã is a non-profit organization whose mission is: Include socially children and adolescents at risk, through education and professional training in various areas related to Capoeira, always preserving and disseminating this art form.


What we offer

Cultural Center Capoeira Cidadã – The activities take place at the Cultural Center Capoeira Cidadã with a different content, for the following age groups: 4-6 years old, 7-13 years and 14-18 years.

Times and activities:

Master´s Peixinho Library

De 2ª, 4ª e 6ª das 09 às 11hs e de 2ª a 6ª das 14 às 21hs

Free loan of books and magazines for the whole community.

Class 4-6 years old –

Tuesday and Thursday

17:10 to 18: 00hs.


Group of 7 to 13 years

Mondays- 09:00 to 11: 00hs / 16:00 to 18: 00hs

Capoeira / Educational Support

Wednesday – 09:00 to 11: 00hs / 16:00 to 18: 00hs

Capoeira / Crafts

Friday- 09:00 to 11: 00hs / 16:00 to 18: 00hs

Capoeira / Video Lesson

Class of 14 and 18

Mon, Wed and Friday  16:00 to 18: 00hs

Craft course – Berimbau / Capoeira

All activities work synergistically, stimulating one another, with an interconnected planning. Extra activities as lectures, tutoring classes, training courses in Computer Crafts and are held in alternative schedules without compromising school activity.

 To keep the Cultural Center Capoeira Cidadã with open doors

To keep the activities of our project and to continue to work more than 10 years has served more than 1,200 children and adolescents, we invite you to dream with us!

Join our dream, contributing to the maintenance costs of the Cultural Center Capoeira Cidadã. Although we have ensured the cost of materials, equipment and the professionals, we do not have support to cover the fixed costs of our headquarters, so your participation is essential!

Collaborate with our campaign, earn special rewards, made with love and participate in a project that for over 10 years promotes social inclusion through Capoeira.

To be part of this project:


  • U$10.00
    Rewards: Thank you via e-mail, name the page of our site and video collective.
  • U$25.00
    Rewards: A kit with 3 litlle stories book made by the children of the project, besides the rewards above. (included shipping charges – all over the world)
  • U$40.00
    Rewards: Kit with 3 wires and strings to Berimbau, besides the rewards above.(included shipping charges – all over the world)
  • U$80.00
    Rewards: A special design T-Shirt, besides  the rewards above.(included shipping charges – all over the world)
  • U$160.00
    Rewards: A Berimbau made in our workshop, in addition to the rewards above. ( (not included shipping charges for other countries )
  • U$400.00
    Rewards: A day of Capoeira and the making of his berimbau – participation in a day of activities in the project, producing its own Berimbau, his name engraved on the wall of the institution, besides the rewards above.(not included shipping charges of the Berimbau  for other countries)
  • U$1.200,00

    Rewards: The  Capoeira Cidadã visit you (only in Brazil) – Show of Capoeira and popular culture with ourstudents or a class of Capoeira and popular culture in your organization, party orcondominium; A Berimbau made in our workshop, a Citizens Capoeira design shirt and your name or your company’s written on the wall of the institution. (not included shipping charges of the Berimbau  for other countries)

To make a international collaboration, You just have to uncheck the option “i live in Brazil”, take a look in this image: